Deal of the Day - ESAB Buddy Tig 160 Welder

Deal of the Day - ESAB Buddy Tig 160 Welder

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Purchase any Buddy TIG 160 welder and receive a pack of 10 2.4mm Thoriated Tungstens FREE OF CHARGE.

The ESAB Buddy Tig 160 welder is a robust and durable power source for the professional welder. The machine provides state-of-the-art welding performance and reliability through use of the latest high grade IGBT technology. The Buddy™ Tig 160 is a user friendly, robust and still light weight Tig welding machine, offering HF start and stick (MMA) mode.

The internal electronics are cooled by a highly efficient fan for added reliability and monitored by a thermal protection system. The machine is equipped with three heat sinks which further extends the lifetime of the product. The casing has been designed to withstand harsh environments and is rated to IP 23S standards. The machine incorporates both a shoulder strap and a robust carry handle.

The control panel on the Buddy Tig 160 welder is very easy touse with one adjustment knob to set the weld current andone to set the slope down time in TIG mode or the arcforce in MMA mode. 

  • MMA or TIG Mode
  • Generator Compliant
  • Easy To Use
  • Superior arc characteristics
  • Suitable for use with generators.
  • Set the welding current and slope down / arc force and weld with excellent result
  • Practical design - makes the power source easy to carry which enables use at almost any work site
  • Robust design
  • Withstands harsh environments
  • Can be used with extended mains cable
  • provides extended working range.

Package consists of :- Buddy TIG 240v power source, ET17 4m HF TIG Torch, 3m Earth Lead set c/w Electrode Holder

TIG welding

The Buddy™ Tig 160 provides superior TIG welding with smooth arc characteristics. The HF arc start prevents contamination of the weld material and electrode. The built in gas valve automatically controls the gas flow ensuring a low gas consumption. The operator can chose between 2 stroke and 4 stroke torch trigger mode. The machine can weld mild steel or stainless steel with or without filler material.

MMA welding

The Buddy™ Tig 160 provides a smooth DC (Direct Current) welding power which allows you to weld most metals such as alloyed and non alloyed steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The arc force and hot start settings are adjusted automatically according to the set welding current giving excellent arc starts and welding performance across the amperage range of the machine. The Buddy™ Tig 160 can weld most electrodes from Ø1.6 - 3.2 mm. 

Technical data:

Mains supply, V/ph Hz                          230/1.50/60

Fuse, slow, A                                           16

Setting range MMA/TIG, A                    5-160

Phase current l 1eff, A     

MMA                                                         14.6

TIG                                                            10.2

Dimensions LxWxH, mm                       310x140x230

Weight, kg                                                6.0

Enclosure class                                       IP 23S

Application class                                    S

Maximum output at 40deg, MMA

60% duty cycle, A                                    105/25.2

100% duty cycle, A                                 85/23.4

Maximum output at 40deg, TIG

60% duty cycle, A                                    105/14.2

100% duty cycle, A                                  85/13.4

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