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Deal of the Day - ESAB Caddy TIG 2200i TA33 AC/DC TIG Welder Package

Deal of the Day - ESAB Caddy TIG 2200i TA33 AC/DC TIG Welder Package
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Deal of the Day - ESAB Caddy TIG 2200i TA33 AC/DC TIG Welder Package

Purchase any Caddy TIG 2200i AC/DC Package and receive TWO tubes of either 4043 or 5356 Aluminium tig rods FREE OF CHARGE.

The Caddy is already a classic power source in the mobile welding equipment field. With the introduction of the CaddyTIG 2200i AC/DC series you will find the optimal solution for a wide range of TIG welding applications.  
True portability (6.7kg) - easy to transport to various indoor and outdoor worksites and then to store away whilst not in use.
Single phase mains connection makes it easy to find a supply for the unit - works equally well when powered by a portable generator (to obtain full power use a 12KVA generator with automatic voltage regulation)
Thanks to the built-in PFC circuit the machine can operate with mains cables in excess of 100m, giving the welder a large working radius.
OKC 50 Cable Connectors c/w composite material construction make the unit durable and impact resistant. 
TA33 control panel allows the plate thickness to be set - machine will then control the rest to achieve consistent, high quality welds.
Can weld all types of material including aluminium up to thicknesses of 5mm.
MMA features including Hot start, arc force and Arc Plus II giving better weld quality.  

Package includes :
  • CaddyTIG 2200i AC/DC Unit c/w TA33 Panel
  • 4m TXH201 TIG Torch
  • 3m mains lead c/w plug, 2m gas hose, 3m return cable c/w clamp

  • Technical data:
    Mains supply, V/Ph Hz                                 230/1 50/60 Hz
    Fuse (slow), A                                                16
    Recommended generator size, KvA          12
    Mains cable. mm2                                        3 x 2.5
    Maximum output:
    at 20% duty cycle, TIG, A/V                          220/18.8
    at 60% duty cycle, TIG, A/V                          150
    Setting range TIG AC/DC, A                         3-220
    Setting range MMA, A                                  4-160
    Open circuit voltage, V DC
    VRD inactive                                                  46-60
    VRD active                                                     <35
    Power factor
    at maximum current, at TIG mode            0.99
    at maximum current, at TIG mode, %       66
    Dimensions LxWxH, mm                             418x188x345
    Weight, kg                                                      15
    Enclosure class                                              IP 23
    Operating temperature degs                      -10 to +40

    MMC Panels:
    Slope up, sec                                                  -
    Slope down, sec                                            0-10
    Gas pre-flow, sec                                          0-5
    Gas post-flow                                                0-25
    Pulse -/ background time DC, sec              -
    Micro pulse time, sec                                   -
    frequency AC, Hz                                          65
    AC balance, %                                               70
    Plate thickness DC, mm                               0.1-7.3
    Plate thickness AC, mm                               0.1-5.5

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