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ESAB Caddy TIG 1500i, TA34 DC TIG Welding Package.

ESAB Caddy TIG 1500i, TA34 DC TIG Welding Package.
ESAB Caddy TIG 1500i, TA34 DC TIG Welding Package.

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Package consists of: Caddy TIG 1500i TA34, with 3m welding cables and Torch (TXH 151) 4m.

The caddy's are equipped with large OKC 50 welding current connections to withstand heavy loads. Due to the compact design with the polymer casing that is impervious to impacts, these devices are light and easy to transport. The large cooling unit and the carefully thought out design ensures a long working life and allow use even under rough working conditions. The inbuilt ArcPlus function further improves the welding arc ensures that there is less spatter and better restriking of the arc. The caddy has been designed in such a way that all the main components in the machine are kept clean and free of dust. Caddy complies with the requirements of IP 23 and is suitable for use outdoors. The robust construction and the excellent welding properties of the machines ensure reliable use on a day to day basis.

Power Factor Correction - PFC Caddy TIG is equipped with automated power factor correction (PFC), which minimizes disturbing feedback effects in the mains supply network and enables maximum use of the available electrical mails supply.


  • Professional TIG welding of alloyed, unalloyed and stainless steels.
  • Large radius of action due to the ability to use intermediate cables.
  • 2.5mm2 up to 100m in length without power losses and better compatibility with generators through PFC- Power factor correction.
  • High frequency and LiftArc striking.
  • 2/4 stroke torch controller.
  • Professional manual electric welding with ArcPlus regulation and adjustable Hotstart and ArcForce.
  • Polymer-aluminium housing that is impervious to impacts.
  • Cooler with ELP, ESAB logic pump (forced switching over the water cooling if required).
  • Type of insulation IP23 for work outdoors.
  • Protection against overload.

Control Panel TA34:
  • Graphic illustration of the course of the process.
  • TIG Pulse welding
  • Micro Pulse up to 0.001 s
  • Current rise/ fall time can be set.
  • Gas pre flow/ post flow time can be set.
  • Parameter storage (2X) can also be called up during welding via the torch button.
  • TIG torches with up/ down remote controller.
  • Can be controlled remotely/ digital display.

Technical Data:

Mains supply                                                               230/1

Fuse, slow,A                                                                 16

Setting range, TIG (DC),A                                           3-150

Setting range,MMA (DC), A                                       4-150

Open circuit voltage, V                                              55-60

Dimensions                                                                 418 x 188 x 208

Weight                                                                          9.2

Enclosure class                                                           IP23

Application class                                                        S

Maximum Output at 40deg, TIG

20% duty cycle, A/V                                                   150

60% duty cycle, A/V                                                   120

100% duty cycle A/V                                                  110 

Maximum Output at 40deg, MMA

20% duty cycle, A/V                                                    150

60% duty cycle, A/V                                                    100

100% duty cycle, A/V                                                   90               

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