ESAB Origo Mag C171 Mag Welder

ESAB Origo Mag C171 Mag Welder

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High quality welding machines for high quality results. The ESAB Origo™ Mag C171 is a step regulated welding power source for MIG/MAG welding. A built-in wire feeder and the low weight of the units make them perfect, practical solutions for use on farms, in repair shops and for light production applications.

MIG/MAG Welding
Origo™ Mag C171 can be used with both conventional solid wire and self-shielding cored wire. They are designed for welding both steel, stainless steel and aluminium as well as for Mig brazing. Wire diameters from 0.6 mm up to 1.2 mm can be used depending on the machine selected.

Easy to Use
The units are equipped with multi-step voltage switches and potentiometers for wire speed adjustment, enabling easy setting of the welding parameters. It is possible to adjust burnback time and to set spot welding time in all three OrigoTM Mags. The units are also fan-cooled and equipped with thermal overload protection. As an option the Origo™ Mags can be equipped with V/A digital meter and transformer for a CO2 heater.

Power Smoothing Device™
Although Origo™ Mag C171, C201 and C251 are 1-ph units, Power Smoothing Device™ gives them excellent welding performance in CO2 and gas mixtures. Power Smoothing Device™ provides a smooth welding current, comparable to that of a 3-phase machine.

Torch Included
Each machine is equipped with an ergonomically designed, gas-cooled MXL™ Torch with spring loaded contact pins in the central connector(MXL™ 200 for C171 & C201, MXL™ 270 for C251). Optimum cooling of the torch gives an extended life to the swan neck and the wear parts. Three different version of gas nozzle are available, standard, straight and conical for maximum flexibility.


• Agricultural applications
• Auto-repair
• Light metal fabrication
• Transport
• Education
• Household and furniture
• Tack welding

Technical Data:

Mains supply, V/ph                                                                      230/1
Fuse, slow, A                                                                                 16

Setting range, A                                                                           30-170

Burn back time, sec                                                                     0.02-0.25

Spot welding time, sec                                                                0.2-2.5

Voltage steps                                                                                8

Polarity change                                                                            Yes

Dimensions, LxWxH, mm                                                           860 x 420x 730

Weight, kg                                                                                     59

Spool type, 0mm/kg                                                                    300/18

Enclosure class                                                                             IP23

Application class                                                                          S

Maximum output at 40degs:

20% duty cycle, A                                                                         170
35% duty cycle, A                                                                         -

60% duty cycle, A                                                                         98

100% duty cycle, A                                                                       76

Usable wire dimensions, mm:

Mild and stainless steels                                                             0.6-0.8

Corded wires                                                                                 0.8

Aluminium                                                                                     1.0

Brazing CuSi wires                                                                        0.8-1.0

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