ESAB OrigoMig C420 PRO Mig Welder Package

ESAB OrigoMig C420 PRO Mig Welder Package

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Robust and powerful
Origo Mig C420 PRO are sturdy and robust step controlled  welding power units  intended for heavy duty MIG/MAG welding with solid filler wires of steel, stainless steel or aluminium, and cored wires  with or without  shielding gas. Well proven technology together with ESAB developed software provides high reliability and outstanding welding performance.
The units are made with a strong galvanised metal casing to withstand harsh environments. The large wheels make the units easy to move.
The units are fan-cooled and equipped with thermal overload protection, A temperature controlled cooling fan ensures reduced dust ingress and noise emissions

Easy to use
The wide current and voltage range and the three inductance outlets make it easy to optimise settings for a wide variety of filler materials and gases. The units are equipped with the potentiometers to set the wire feed speed and burn back time adjustment. They also have 2/4 stroke torch switch functions. The water cooled units  can be fitted with an optional water flow guard. When the water-cooled torch is connected, the patented ELP, ESAB Logic Pump, automatically starts the cooling water pump, preventing welding torch from overheating and costly repairs.  When the air-cooled torch is connected, the pump is shutdown automatically, which results in reduced noise and extended pump lifetime.

The Origo Mig C420 PRO is equipped with standard control unit  for manual setting of welding parameters  and optionally with V/A digital instrument. The unit can be equipped with transformer for CO2 heater as an option

Package Includes :-

OrigoMIG C420 MIG Welder Power Source
PSF405 3m MIG Torch
5m Mains Cable
1.5m Gas Hose with clamps and quick connector
Earth Cable Complete
Wear Parts for 1.0-1.2mm Wire

Welding package normally despatched within 5 days  

• Light metal fabrication
• Transport
• Education
• Household and furniture
• Tack welding

Technical Data:
  • Mains supply, V/ph - 400/3
  • Fuse, slow, A - 32
  • Setting range - 50-420
  • Burn-back time, sec - 0-0,5
  • Voltage steps - 35
  • Polarity change - yes
  • Inductance outlets - 3
  • 2/4 stroke control - yes
  • Creep start - yes
  • Dimensions, LxWxH, mm - 935 x 640 x 800
  • Weight - 230kg
  • Spool type omm/kg - 300/18
  • Feed rolls - 4
  • Enclosure class - IP23
  • Application class - S
Maximum output at 40 deg:
  • Max current, A at duty cycle % - 420/50%
  • 60% duty cycle, A - 400
  • 100% duty cycle,A 315.
Usable wire diameters:
  • Mild steel and stainless steel - 0,6-1,6
  • Cored wires - 0,9-1,6
  • Aluminium - 1,0-1,6

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