SWP MIG150 Turbo MIG Welder

SWP MIG150 Turbo MIG Welder

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Redline 150 Mig Welder 230v - RL150 - (2 year warranty)

The Redline 150 is a single phase Mig machine aimed at the DIY enthusiast who is looking for sensible performance with either solid or gasless, flux-cored wire. Power output is 30A - 150A, making it suitable for hobby or workshop use.

It has a sturdy thermoplastic case with sloping control panel for ergonomic weld setting and a hinged side panel for easy replacement of 0.7kg or 5kg wire reels. Heat input is controlled via the normal 4 setting adjustment with electronically-controlled, infinitely variable wire speed. This machine also features reverse polarity for running gasless, flux-cored wire. Thermal protection with a warning light is fitted as standard as is turbo fan cooling.

The torch is a non-live, 2m torch, featuring the more robust MB15 type front end spares, which are much more reliable than the average hobby torch spares. The earth lead and clamp are fitted to the front of the machine. The primary power cable sensibly comes out the back of the machine (avoiding sparks and spatter).

The Redline 150 requires a gas supply. A gas hose is supplied with the machine and depending on the type of gas cylinder you are going to use you will either require a regulator for disposable cylinders or high pressure cylinders.

Full package contains:

  • Redline 150 Mig Welder.
  • Non-live 2m Torch with MB15 type front end spares.
  • 2m Primary cable.
  • 2m Fitted Gas Hose.
  • 2m Earth Lead and Clamp.
  • Reversible 0.6/0.8mm Feed Roll.
Weight26.2 kg
Setting Range30 - 150 A
Input Voltage240 V Single Phase
Fuse 16A
Max output at 15% duty cycle105 A
Max output at 60% duty cycle50 A
Max output at 100% duty cycle30 A
Voltage Steps4
Wire Diameter0.6 - 0.8 mm
TorchMB15 2m Hard Wired

  • Adaptor to take 5Kg Reels.
  • Instruction Manual.

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