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Esab OK 92.58 Cast Iron Welding Rod 3.2 x 350mm (0.7kg)

Esab OK 92.58 Cast Iron Welding Rod 3.2 x 350mm (0.7kg)
Esab OK 92.58 Cast Iron Welding Rod 3.2 x 350mm (0.7kg)
    Type Basic-special high graphite

    A nickel-iron-cored electrode for producing high strength welds when joining normal grades of cast iron, such as grey, ductile and malleable irons. The weld deposit has good ductility and is machine able.

    OK 92.58 is recommended for the reclamation of faulty/damaged castings and the joining of castings to all cast or composite fabrications. Typical components are machine bases, engine blocks, gears and transmission housings. Deposition is performed on cold or slightly preheated cast iron. The weld metal is stronger and more resistant to impurities than the nickel-cored type.

    When welding cast iron without preheat, the smallest electrode diameter and the lowest current should be used in order to limit the width of the heat affected zone. When welding thick sections and malleable irons, preheating to about 300C is advisable to minimise shrinkage stresses and cracking. During welding the joint can be lightly peened and on completion the work piece should be allowed to cool slowly.

    Welding current:

    AC, DC+/- Min OCV 50 V

    Packaging - Vac Pac

    3.2mm x 350mm

    Technical Specification:

    classifications -

    SFA/AWS A5.15


    EN ISO 1071

    E C NiFe-CI-A 1

    Typical all weld metal composition -

    C                           1.5

    Si                           0.7

    Mn                        0.8

    Ni                          51

    Ai                          1.4

    Fe                         46

    Typical all weld metal -

    Tensile strength,Mpa


    Hardness (HB), %


    Welding Parameters -

    Diamater (mm)                                                 3.2

    Length (mm)                                                      350

    Welding current, A                                            75-100

    Arc Voltage, V                                                     23

    N. Kg weld metal/(kg) electrodes                    0.70

    B.No of electrodes/(kg) weld metal                45

    H.Kg weld metal/(hour) Arc time                    0.9

    T. burn off time (secs)/ Electrode                   90

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