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ESAB Caddy Arc 251i A34 MMA/TIG Welder

ESAB Caddy Arc 251i A34 MMA/TIG Welder
ESAB Caddy Arc 251i A34 MMA/TIG Welder

Compact and portable three phase inverter for MMA and TIG welding with electronically controlled LiveTig start.

The Caddy® name has always been synonymous with robust and durable welding tools designed for the professional welder. Introducing the fifth generation of portable welding equipment from ESAB the latest Caddy® machines have over 30 years experience in inverter technology built in.

Offering true portability Not only is Caddy® Arc 251i small and of low weight. Thanks to its intelligent, compact design it is easy to take along to different indoor and outdoor worksites and also to tuck away when not used, making it handy both in the workshop and on the move. An optional shoulder strap with a cable holder solution facilitates transportation.
Caddy® Arc 251i  has three phase mains connection and works equally as well when powered by a portable generator. * 
 Thanks to the built-in PFC circuit, Caddy® Arc 251i can operate with extra long mains cables, over 100 m, giving the welder a very large working radius.

Impact resistant design Composite materials in combination with smart design solutions provide a durable and impact resistant machine, adapted to rough conditions. The control panel is recessed, which provides additional protection and durability. Caddy® Arc 251i has sturdy and impact resistant cable connectors with OKC 50.
 Improving the weld quality The regulator Arc Plus II generates an intense, yet smooth and stable arc that is easy to control. Smaller droplets are generated, the arc burns smoothly, and there is no need to pause at the edges when weaving. Arc Plus II offers even better welding characteristics, simplifies your work and gives you better weld quality with less need for post weld treatment.
Caddy® Arc 251i offers TIG-welding capability with LiveTig** start using any of the torches TXH 151/201 V together with ESAB shield gas. Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum can be welded, with or without filler material.
 * To obtain full output, use a portable generator 19 kvA with automatic voltage regulation.
** LiveTig electronically controls the start current, giving the welder a safe start without damaging the electrode.

Easy to use control panel The A32/A34 control panels are easy to overview and have digital displays for accurate welding parameter setting, high control and feedback. The panels are  easy to understand and set, with and without gloves on. Additionally, the panels also have remote control facility.

Technical Data

Permitted load @ 40C, MMA
25% duty cycle, A                                              -
30% duty cycle A                                               250
60% duty cycle A                                               190
100% duty cycle A                                             150                                         
Permitted load @ 40C, TIG   
20% duty cycle A                                               -
25% duty cycle, A                                              -
30% duty cycle A                                               250
60% duty cycle, A                                              190
100% duty cycle, A                                            150

Mains Voltage V/ph Hz                                 400/3 
Fuse (slow) A                                                   10
Setting Range MMA(A33), A                         4-250
Open circuit voltage, Uo max, V
A33 without VRD function                               -
Open Circuit Voltage                                      65
Power factor at max current                       0.94
Efficiency at max current                              83
Dimensions lxwxh, mm                                  418 x 188 x 208
Weight, kg                                                          10.5
Enclosure class                                                 IP23
Application classification                               S
Standards                                                           IEC/EN 60974-1  

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