ESAB Caddy Arc 252i A32 MMA/TIG Welder

ESAB Caddy Arc 252i A32 MMA/TIG Welder

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Designed for Durability
The machines are equipped with the large OKC 50 cable connectors for higher durability. The compact design, with its impact resistant polymer casing is light and easy to carry, yet the size does not compromise the important cooling of the internal components. Large heat sinks and clever design make for a cooler running machine with a longer life expectancy when used in harsh working environments. The design also helps to keep all sensitive parts inside the machine clean and dust free. Caddy is built in accordance with IP23, which means it can be used outdoors – even in the rain. The control panels are easy to understand and use. The durable design and the superior welding performance give you a machine that you can rely on day after day.

Power factor correction - PFC
Caddy Arc 251i is a 400 V three-phase power source equipped with a PFC circuit making it possible to use the full range of the machine on a 10 A fuse. The PFC also protects the machine against fluctuating mains voltage and makes it safer to use with a generator. Caddy Arc 251i can operate with extra long mains cables, over 100 m, giving you a very larger working radius.

Control Panels
Caddy Arc 251i has two control panels to choose from, both with a digital display and a remote control function. The basic panel Caddy™A32 has a choice of MMA or TIG welding with LiveTig start in TIG mode. Apart from that you only need to set the welding current.

Voltage Reduction Device - VRD
In some areas a voltage reduction device, or VRD, is required. VRD is a safety function that limits the open circuit voltage from the machine to below 35 V. Caddy Arc 251i is prepared for VRD and the function can easily be activated inside the power source.

MMA Welding
Caddy Arc supplies direct current and you can weld most metals such as alloyed and non alloyed steel, stainless steel, cast iron, etc. With Caddy Arc 251i you can weld all types of electrodes from Ø1,6 -5 mm; basic, rutile, cellulosic and high- recovery, with excellent welding performance.
The latest regulator, ArcPlus II, gives a more intense, yet smooth and stable arc that is easy to control. Arc Plus II generates smaller droplets, the arc burns smoothly and there is no need to pause at the edges when weaving. ArcPlus II offers even better welding characteristics, simplifies your work and gives you better weld quality with less need for post weld treatment.

TIG Welding
With Caddy Arc you can easily TIG-weld. All you need is a TIG-torch with a gas valve, a gas regulator and a cylinder of gas. LiveTig start electronically controls the start current giving you a safe start without damaging the electrode. You can weld mild steel or stainless steel with or without filler material.

Machine comes complete  - with 3m MMA welding and return cable kit & 3m mains cable c/w plug.

Technical data

Mains supply V/Ph Hz                            400/3 50/60
Fuse (slow), A                                           10
Permitted load at 40deg, MMA          
30% duty cycle, A/V                                   250/20
60% duty cycle, A/V                                   190/27,6

Permitted load at 40deg, (TIG)               
30% duty cycle, A/V                                    250/20
60% duty cycle, A/V                                    190/17,6

Setting range MMA, A                             4-250
Setting range TIG, A                                 3-250
Open circuit voltage, V
VRD inactive                                              65
VRD active                                                  <35
Dimensions lxwxh, mm                           418 x 188 x 208
Weight, kg                                                  10.5
Enclosure class                                          IP 23
Application class                                       S
Standards                                                   EN60974-1, EN60974-10
Operating temperature, C                      -10 to +40

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