ESAB Caddy TIG 2200i TA34 AC/DC TIG Welder Package

ESAB Caddy TIG 2200i TA34 AC/DC TIG Welder Package

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ESAB Caddy 2200i TA34 Portable TIG Welder Solution

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ESAB's Caddy series have become a trusted power source for welders on the move. When you have to change location or move around a big job, the ESAB Caddy TIG 2200i TA34 is the ideal mobile welding equipment to have with you in the field. The Caddy TIG 2200i is the practical solution for a wide range of TIG welding applications inside and outdoors. Buy today for exceptional value!

ESAB 2200i TA34 Benefits:

The 2200i is a truly portable (9.4kg) TIG Welder that doesn't compromise on performance. It's easily transported wherever the work takes you whether that's indoors in an established building, office or barn, or outdoors in gardens, on farms and busy construction sites. Its compact footprint makes it easy and convenient to store when it's not needed. This is a very useful package which includes the ergonomically designed TXH201 TIG Torch with a generous 4m cable.

Versatility is in the 2200i's wiring. This TIG welding machine can run from a single phase mains connection so you can plug the unit in anywhere with a stable mains supply. This unit also works equally well away from "civilisation" with a portable generator. Ideally, you will use a 12KVA generator unit with automatic voltage regulation in order to get full power at the weld. The highly efficient power factor correction (PFC) circuit even allows the unit to be used as far as 100m or more away from the actual mains power source, giving you a massive working radius.

Rugged OKC 50 Cable Connectors ensure consistent current to the TIG torch so that weld quality is maintained without interruption.  This, along with its extremely tough, IP 23 rated case, built from a highly resilient composite material, make this portable TIG welder incredibly durable and impact resistant. It's a TIG welding package for no nonsense, long lasting efficiency. A very good investment for a pro, that will weld consistently for years.

The latest version of the TA34 control panel allows experienced welders to achieve consistent, high quality welds whatever the material or application, with unparalleled ease. The recessed design keeps it tucked safely out of harms way. The unit was designed particularly for very high quality TIG-welding in alloyed, non-alloyed & stainless steels as well as aluminium and it will weld all other weldable metals successfully. The control panel is very easy to use, with all of the crucial welding parameters presented in clear, uncluttered layout that can be used with gloved hands. Built in is ESAB's proprietary 2 program/memory function which allows a welder to save 2 frequently used or favourite settings and even flip between them during welding.

Other advantages of the 2200i model include:
  • Pulsed TIG welding - to give you improved control of heat input and the weld pool.
  • Micro Pulse function – reduces the heat affected zone: especially helpful when welding thin metal work-pieces.
  • ArcPlus™ II - better welding characteristics, simplifies your work and gives you better weld quality with less after treatment.
  • True MMA welding - with Hot start and Arc force setting
  • Extra long mains cable capability – gives extra large working radius

Package includes :
  • ESAB Caddy TIG 2200i AC/DC welder c/w TA34 control panel
  • 4m TXH201 TIG Torch with ergonomic ball joint to ease wrist strain
  • 3m mains lead c/w plug, 2m gas hose, 3m return cable c/w clamp

  • Welding Application Suitability:

    The ESAB Caddy TIG 2200i TA34 ac dc welder is an excellent tool for:

    • Professional welders who need a rugged reliable portable TIG welder
    • Indoor and outdoor installation work
    • On site repair and maintenance work
    • Indoor and outdoor production, fabrication and civil construction project work
    • Process industry

    ESAB Caddy TIG 2200i TA34 Technical Specification:

    Mains supply, V/Ph Hz                                230/1 50/60 Hz
    Fuse (slow), A                                                16
    Recommended generator size, KvA        12
    Mains cable. mm2                                       3 x 2.5
    Maximum output:
    at 20% duty cycle, TIG, A/V                          220/18.8
    at 60% duty cycle, TIG, A/V                          150
    Setting range TIG AC/DC, A                       3-220
    Setting range MMA, A                                4-160
    Open circuit voltage, V DC
    VRD inactive                                                 46-60
    VRD active                                                     <35
    Power factor
    at maximum current, at TIG mode            0.99
    at maximum current, at TIG mode, %       66
    Dimensions LxWxH, mm                             418x188x345
    Weight, kg                                                     9.4
    Enclosure class                                            IP 23
    Operating temperature degs                  -10 to +40

    MMC Panels:
    Slope up, sec                                                 0-10
    Slope down, sec                                           0-10
    Gas pre-flow, sec                                         0-5
    Gas post-flow                                               0-25
    Pulse -/ background time DC, sec           0.01-2.5
    Micro pulse time, sec                                 0.001-0.250
    Frequency AC, Hz                                        10-152
    AC balance, %                                              50-98

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