Inverter Fusion 200PHF DC Inverter TIG Welder

Inverter Fusion 200PHF DC Inverter TIG Welder

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High quality, portable 200 amp TIG welder with full pulse TIG welding capability.
Up to 100 % duty cycle for continuous welding.
Powered by planar technology for superior performance and unrivalled reliability.
Digitally controlled with clear displays.
Full MMA Welding for all types of electrode.
Remote current control for easy adjustment in difficult to access areas.
Complete adjustment of both high and low level welding currents and high and low level pulse times.
Individual adjustment of most TIG welding parameters allows complete welding sequence programmes to be established.
Automatic sensor to ensure spontaneous shut down if the TIG arc fails.
Spot mode to allow repeat tack welding and TIG spot welding applications.
Comprehensive 3 year parts and labour warranty.

Machine comes complete with WP17 HF 4m TIG Torch c/w accessory kit, Earth Lead & Electrode Holder Set, Argon Gas Regulator & Flowmeter 

Technical Specification:
Input voltage AC 50/60Hz +/- 15%          240
Typical input fuse rating amps                22 SB
Recommended generator rating            7 KVA
MMA power output amps                       20-180
TIG power output amps                           5-200
100% duty cycle @ 20deg (MMA)           180amps
100% duty cycle @ 20deg (TIG)               200amps
Max open circuit volts                              97
Power factor @ 100%                               0.71
Efficiency @ 100%                                     0.94
Weight                                                         9kg
Dimensions                                                365mm x 360mm x 220mm

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