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TIG Torches

Buy your next TIG torch from Weldtech! The online welding supplies store where we have a comprehensive set of TIG welding torches from leading welding equipment brands ESAB, Binzel, IFL, SWP and Thermal Arc. All of our selected welding torches come complete with the perfectly matched line; in lengths from 3m to 8m.Weldtech's wide range of TIG torch options include, water cooled torches for the most powerful high current welding and continuous working. These are most suitable for heavy duty professional workplaces. Our selected gas cooled TIG torches are a lighter weight, more economical alternative, which are ideal for small jobs and hobby scale TIG welding projects. If you prefer a torch body with a flex head – we’ve got you covered… as well as options for those who prefer rigid heads.
Brand: Abicor Binzel Model: BIN17F-25SC
Binzel TIG Welding Torch 25ft - Type 17 Flexi..
Ex Tax:£75.00
Brand: Abicor Binzel Model: BIN18F-12SC
 Binzel TIG Welding Torch 12.5ft - Type 18 Flexi..
Ex Tax:£71.20
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700300861
The ET17V TIG torch is matched to the Buddy Arc 180 MMA inverter welder and allows you to use the MMA machine for TIG "Live Start" welding. If you can cope with the slight inconvenience of having to utilise the tungsten scratch start, with its potential for some spattering of molten metal than ..
Ex Tax:£100.00
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700300541
 Esab TXH151F Tig Torch 4mFitted with OKC50 Connectors..
Ex Tax:£91.67
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700300869
Esab ET17V TIG Torch 4m c/w Multi-pin Plug Suitable for use with Rebel EMP215ic Machine..
Ex Tax:£95.00
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700300860
ET17 4m TIG Torch suitable for ESAB Buddy TIG 160 machine ..
Ex Tax:£106.00
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