Welding Machines

  • Welding Machines

    Weldtech supply a wide range of welding machines suitable for industrial, professional & hobby welders. We supply MIG, TIG, MMA, & Multi process welding gear as well as plasma cutting machines and equipment!

  • What is a Welding Machine?

    For most purposes people are referring to electrical arc welding of various forms when referring to welding machines. In essence a modern welding machine is a sophisticated, controllable power supply for the welding process that uses electrical current from the mains supply, or a  generator. The input electrical energy passes through a transformer, or inverter circuitry, to create a relatively low voltage but very high current output. Typically output currents may be as high as 250 amperes with the voltage reduced to around 15 to 20 volts, It is this very high current passing through the electrode, the workpiece and the return cable, which creates the intense heat, necessary to melt metal, as it encounters the resistivity of the workpiece that melts the metal of the joined pieces or the consumable electrode. Transformer welding machines like the ESAB OrigoMig L405 tend to be lower cost but bulky, while the inverter models use solid state electronics to create the required output. This reduces their size drastically for a given output. A great example that we like is the ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic which works as a multi process welding machine.