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Welding Starter Kits

Brand: IFL Model: 2021
D/H ShankD/H Cutting attachmentD/H MixerNo.1 lightweight swaged nozzleNo.2 lightweight swaged nozzleNo.3 lightweight swaged nozzleNo.5 lightweight swaged nozzleNo.7 lightweight swaged nozzleNo.10 lightweight swaged nozzleNo.13 lightweight swaged nozzleNozzle cleaners (red lid)A-FN 1/32" NozzleA-FN 3..
Ex Tax:£80.00
Brand: IFL Model: 2059
1/32" and 3/64" A-FN nozzlesS/S oxygen 2g regulatorCup spark lighterNozzle cleaners (red lid)Oxygen flashback arrestorFuel gas flashback arrestorD/H cutting attachment No 2,3,5,7 lightweight nozzleS/S Acetylene 2g regulatorPanorama coloured goggles indirect shade 51/4" x 5m oxygen fitted hose- 6mm1/..
Ex Tax:£260.00
Brand: IFL Model: 2022
Type 5 shankType 5 cutting attachment Type 5 weld mixerNo.1 Type 5 swaged nozzleNo.2 Type 5 swaged nozzleNo.3 Type 5 swaged nozzleNo.5 Type 5 swaged nozzleNo.7 Type 5 swaged nozzleNo.10 Type 5 swaged nozzleNo.13 Type swaged nozzleNozzle cleaners (red lid)1/32" A-NMS nozzle3/64" A-NMS nozzleDF combin..
Ex Tax:£160.00
Brand: IFL Model: 2027
S/S 2g Oxygen regulator 10 barS/S 2g Acetylene regulator 1.5 barOxygen flashback arrestorCup style spark lighter5/16"x 4m Oxygen/Acetylene twin hose set- 8mm...
Ex Tax:£145.83
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