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Welding Helmet Spares & Accessories

Quick delivery of Welding Helmet Spares is crucial to keep you welding efficiently and safely. At Weldtech we have a huge range of ESAB welding helmet lens spares for Sentinel, Warrior Tech and ESAB's range of popular air fed and unventilated protective kit. As well as ESAB, replacements, we've got shades and lenses from SWP and 3M to ensure that you can see your work clearly, work efficiently and safely in whatever setting you work. There's more to welding helmet spares than just lenses and shades. We also carry good stocks of head bands, air hoses, filters, pre-filters, batteries, sensors and carrying bags to name just a few.
Brand: SWP Model: 3032SB
Replacement front sweatbandGeneric design suitable for most welding helmets..
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Brand: ESAB Model: 0015
This is a test product and is not here for you to buy...
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