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Professional Welders Helmets In The UK

Welding Helmet UK Range For Expert Professional Welders, to Hobbyist Beginners

ESAB Savage Welding Helmet in Yellow    3M Speedglas 9100XX FX Adflo Air Fed Welding Helmet

Welding helmets are PPE headgear for welders which give protection to the skin of the welder's face and neck as well as the eyes. Welding can cause flash burns. The intense UV light from arc welding techniques can cause intense sunburn like damage including arc eye, which is extremely unpleasant. This can result in long term damage to vision.

The heat of the welding process throws out intense infrared radiation, sparks, spatters of flux or molten metal and fumes. All of these hazards are inherently unpleasant. They are also known to pose significant long-term health risks to anybody involved in the welding trade: hobbyists too.

How Have Welding Masks & Helmets Developed?

In modern welding helmets, most of these windows have an auto darkening filter that is linked to sensors. The sensor detects the initial burst of light from the arc and electronically darkens the lens within milliseconds. There is another big advantage of electronic auto-darkening helmets. Welders no longer have to get lined up for the weld, then drop the helmet into place by nodding their head. This saves time but also cuts out the risk of getting caught by a premature weld start before the helmet is down!

Growing awareness of the danger posed by welding fumes has led to the development of helmets ventilated by an air filtering arrangement. This is often referred to as a PAPR - Powered Air Purifying Respirator system. General fume extraction around the work area has proven not to give sufficient protection to regular welders. The PAPR models

Since their introduction in 1937 by Willson Products, manufacturers have developed an impressive array of innovations and protective benefits. Crucial features of welding helmets to look out for, include: A viewing window that lets you see the work clearly before and during the welding process.
Constant ultra violet and Infra red protection no matter what mode the helmet is in.
Compact enough to use in tight spaces
Rapid response of LCD darkening layer.

You can find out more about the way welding helmets have evolved over the years in our detailed blog article:

What is an Auto Darkening Welding Helmet?

Auto darkening welding masks and helmets use an electronically controlled LCD shutter to react rapidly to the initial lighting of the welding arc. The light sensors in the front of the helmet can trigger the LCD filter to darken in as little as 1/25 of a millisecond!