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Welding Consumables

Brand: Abicor Binzel Model: 192.S360
 -Prevents spatter from sticking to the work piece.-Prolongs contact tip and shroud life.-Water based anti spatter in a tin.-Non toxic-Non silicone-Biodegradable.-Non flammable...
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Brand: ESAB Model: 0365560001
 Prevents spatter from sticking as it forms a heat-resistant coat. The hot gas nozzle on the welding torch should be dipped about 20-25 mm into the paste for effective results. Applied to tools and fixtures with a paintbrush and prevents the torch nozzle becoming blocked, the gun should be hung up w..
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Brand: ESAB Model: 0700013018
The ESAB NDT testing should be used to identify cracks in a weld. The process consists of 6 steps and to perform the test a cleaner, penetrant and a developer is required. The procedure should be as follows:1. Use ESAB cleaner and wipe dry.2. Spray ESAB penetrant, leave for 15 minutes.3. Wipe away t..
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Brand: ESAB Model: 0700013016
 Esab Jig & Tool Protection..
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Brand: SWP Model: 1802
SWP Weld Crack Detection Cleaner - 300ml..
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Brand: SWP Model: 1801
SWP Weld Crack Detection Developer - 300ml..
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Brand: SWP Model: 1800
SWP Weld Crack Detection Penetrant - 300ml..
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