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Welding Consumables

Brand: Abicor Binzel Model: 192.S360
 -Prevents spatter from sticking to the work piece.-Prolongs contact tip and shroud life.-Water based anti spatter in a tin.-Non toxic-Non silicone-Biodegradable.-Non flammable...
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Brand: SWP Model: 1803
SWP Leak Detector - 300ml..
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Brand: ESAB Model: 0365560001
 Prevents spatter from sticking as it forms a heat-resistant coat. The hot gas nozzle on the welding torch should be dipped about 20-25 mm into the paste for effective results. Applied to tools and fixtures with a paintbrush and prevents the torch nozzle becoming blocked, the gun should be hung up w..
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Brand: ESAB Model: 0700013018
The ESAB NDT testing should be used to identify cracks in a weld. The process consists of 6 steps and to perform the test a cleaner, penetrant and a developer is required. The procedure should be as follows:1. Use ESAB cleaner and wipe dry.2. Spray ESAB penetrant, leave for 15 minutes.3. Wipe away t..
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Esab Jig & Tool Protection
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Brand: ESAB Model: 0700013016
 Esab Jig & Tool Protection..
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Brand: SWP Model: 1802
SWP Weld Crack Detection Cleaner - 300ml..
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Brand: SWP Model: 1801
SWP Weld Crack Detection Developer - 300ml..
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Brand: Reca Model: 0895013500
A universal cleaner which works without leaving any residue behind - evaporates quickly and does not corrodePowerful jet spray for cleaning dirt, grease, oils, paints, resins and adhesives from all metals, ceramics and glassSimplest method of use : spray parts to be cleaned until dirt and grease is ..
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Brand: SWP Model: 1800
SWP Weld Crack Detection Penetrant - 300ml..
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Brand: Reca Model: 0896413400
A high-grade cutting oil whose contents are fully biodegradableAllows for longer tool life. Reduces risks of breakagesReduces temperatures and lubricates . Reduces vibration.Optimally suited for drilling, tapping, milling and sawing metals No sticking of swarf (anti-adhesive properties)..
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Brand: Reca Model: 0895111400
Long lasting cleaning and careUse for removing minor imperfections such as dust, dirt, gum residue and fingerprintsFor use on stainless steel, chrome, brass, anodised metal and enamelled surfacesLeaves an oily film on the surface for long-lasting protection ..
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