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Abrasives For Welding

Welders' Abrasives Supplied by Weldtech

Weldtech UK supplies a simple range of industrial abrasives for metal removal and surface conditioning. Our products are suitable for surface treatment of the whole range of work pieces, made from metals including stainless steel, mild steels and aluminium.

The range includes rigid thin cutting discs, grinding discs, flap discs and surface conditioning products. Here’s a little more detail on some of the differences between types.

Grinding Wheels Made From Bonded Abrasives

These are the abrasive of choice for chunky welds that need cleaning up. The disc is thicker than a cutting disc and so will be a little more resilient. If the weld is larger than 13mm wide & high: use a 125mm diameter wheel or larger so you don’t have to as many wheel changes!

For smaller welds use smaller diameter wheels to reduce the weight and improve dexterity when working on smaller welds. The cutting action of these discs is aggressive. The rigid wheel gives control at the grinding point to avoid grinding into non-grind areas. They are a good choice if surface finish isn’t critical.

Coated Abrasive Fibre Discs

These are used where cut rate is the most important factor. They give the welder the ability to change discs quickly. Being lighter they make overhead work easier. Less pressure is needed to grind, helping reduce fatigue. They are better in confined spaces where grinding wheel breakage and the resultant shrapnel could pose a serious risk to the user. They are better for blending the weld down to the parent material without overgrinding. 

Flap Discs Coated With Abrasive 

Flap discs give longer product life and a great cut rate. They are more conformable to the weld and good for blending into the parent material if some grinding around the weld is permissible. Less risky for the user in confined spaces where grinding wheel breakage could pose serious risks! They have a forgiving cutting action and are much less likely to cause large gouges. You will achieve a better surface finish than a grinding wheel or fibre disc, grit for grit. More suitable for overhead work where the weight of the grinder is important. Great for removing weld splatter without overgrinding, using a 50 grit or finer.

Non-Woven Abrasive Discs

These discs are good for surface conditioning and cleaning up small welds where overgrinding could be a problem e.g. thin-walled sheet metal welds. They are excellent for cleaning up discoloration and weld splatter. A handy option for difficult to reach welds such as when fillet welds need to be cleaned up. If you have to achieve certain decorative surface finish requirements, these discs will help you get the required finish!