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TIG Torches

Buy your next TIG torch from Weldtech! The online welding supplies store where we have a comprehensive set of TIG welding torches from leading welding equipment brands ESAB, Binzel, IFL, SWP and Thermal Arc. All of our selected welding torches come complete with the perfectly matched line; in lengths from 3m to 8m.Weldtech's wide range of TIG torch options include, water cooled torches for the most powerful high current welding and continuous working. These are most suitable for heavy duty professional workplaces. Our selected gas cooled TIG torches are a lighter weight, more economical alternative, which are ideal for small jobs and hobby scale TIG welding projects. If you prefer a torch body with a flex head – we’ve got you covered… as well as options for those who prefer rigid heads.
Brand: SWP Model: 9080H
For use with 9020H Stealth machine.Scratch Start TIG Torch Kit consisting of:WP9V-12 TorchWP9AK Accessory Kit    D3595-1-3MT Extended TIG Adaptor...
Ex Tax:£45.00
Brand: SWP Model: 9821H
For use with New Stealth 2010H Machine.Air Cooled TIG Kit consisting of:WP17-12SZ TorchWP17AK Accessory KitD3595-1-1 TIG AdaptorEC32LD Earth Lead 3mEH32LD Electrode Lead 3mWE25/12 12Pin Plug (Pins 8 & 9)..
Ex Tax:£87.50
Brand: SWP Model: 9862H
For use with 9000H Stealth Machine.Air Cooled TIG Kit consisting of:WP23-12SZ TorchWP18AK Accessory KitB3595-1-1 TIG AdaptorWE25/12 12 pin plug (Pins 2 & 3)..
Ex Tax:£70.00
Brand: SWP Model: 9806
For use with 9805/9810/9021H & 9022HScratch Start TIG Torch kit consisting of:WP17V-12 TorchWP17AK Accessory KitD3595-1-3MT Extended TIG Adaptor...
Ex Tax:£46.67
Brand: SWP Model: 9827H
For use with 9011H & 9012H Stealth machine.Air Cooled TIG Torch Kit:WP26-12SZ Torch    WP18AK Accessory KitD3595-1-1 TIG Adaptor    WE25/12 12 Pin Plug (Pins 8 & 9)EC32LD Earth Lead 3mIMPORTANT - Maximum operating amps on this package are 200 DC and 150 AC. ..
Ex Tax:£94.17
Brand: SWP Model: 9807
For us with 9815 Stealth MachineScratch Start TIG Kit consisting of:WP26V-12 TorchWP18AK Accessory KitD3595-1-3MT Extended TIG Adaptor...
Ex Tax:£70.00
Brand: SWP Model: 9822H
For use with New Stealth 9010HWater Cooled TIG Kit consisting of:WP20-12SZ TorchWP20AK Accessory KitD3595-1-QD TIG Adaptor9829 3/8" Quick disconnect Adaptor Kit (Consists of 2 x M5028 quick release nipples and ECK31 Hose Clamp)EC32LD Earth Lead 3mEH32LD Electrode Lead 3mWE25/12 12 Pin Plug (Pins 8 &..
Ex Tax:£125.00
Brand: SWP Model: 9828H
For use with 9011H & 9012H Stealth MachineWater Cooled TIG Kit consisting of:WP18-12SZ TorchWP18AK Accessory KitD3595-1-1 TIG Adaptor9829 3/8" quick disconnect adaptor kitWE25/12 12 pin plug (Pins 8 & 9)EC32LD Earth lead 3mIMPORTANT - Water cooled torch will exceed maximum amperage of this machine...
Ex Tax:£92.50
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700025580
TIG Torch suitable for Esab Rebel 235ic / 255ic / 320ic Machines..
Ex Tax:£125.00
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700300547
ESAB TXH151F Tig Torch 8m fitted with OKC50 connections..
Ex Tax:£190.00
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