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Esab Air Unit Spares

Brand: ESAB Model: 0700500900
This brand new addition to the ESAB respiratory protection range is fully compatible with the current range of prepared for air welding helmets and provides advanced respiratory protection from harmful welding fume particulates.The PAPR unit is designed for applications ranging from occasional to fu..
Ex Tax:£299.00
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700500901
Replacement blower unit to suit ESAB  EPR-X1 PAPR Unit (Please note this is the blower motor unit only)..
Ex Tax:£230.00
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700500903
Replacement P3 main filter for the new ESAB EPR-X1 PAPR Unit Certified to EN12942 TH-3P..
Ex Tax:£22.00
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700500902
Set of 5 replacement filters to suit ESAB EPR-X1 PAPR Unit..
Ex Tax:£6.00
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700500905
Replacement filter cover to suit ESAB EPR-X1 PAPR unit..
Ex Tax:£14.00
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700500906
Replacement spark arrestor to suit EPR-X1 PAPR unit..
Ex Tax:£2.50
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700500907
Replacement breathing to to suit ESAB EPR-X1 PAPR unit..
Ex Tax:£24.00
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700500908
Anti-fire cloth cover to suit breathing tube for ESAB EPR-X1 PAPR Unit..
Ex Tax:£10.00
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700500909
Replacement waist belt & shoulder harness to suit ESAB EPR-X1 PAPR Unit..
Ex Tax:£25.00
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700500904
Replacement battery for EPR-X1 PAPR Unit..
Ex Tax:£140.00
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700500910
Universal battery charger to suit ESAB EPR-X1 PAPR Unit..
Ex Tax:£130.00
ESAB PAPR Unit c/w 850mm Hose
New Out Of Stock
Brand: ESAB Model: 0700002300
THIS PRODUCT HAS NOW BEEN REPLACED BY THE NEW EPR-X1 PAPR UNIT (0700 500 900) The ESAB PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) system combined with the ESAB welding helmets, offers heavy duty protection from welding fume and dust when welding, gouging & grinding.The unit ..
Ex Tax:£295.00
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