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ESAB Sentinel A60 EPR-X1 PAPR Package

ESAB Sentinel A60 EPR-X1 PAPR Package
ESAB Sentinel A60 EPR-X1 PAPR Package
ESAB Sentinel A60 EPR-X1 PAPR Package
ESAB Sentinel A60 EPR-X1 PAPR Package
ESAB Sentinel A60 EPR-X1 PAPR Package

Get the Sentinel Welding Helmet Air Fed Advantage: The Ultimate in Welding Protection and Comfort

The ESAB Sentinel A60 EPR-X1 PAPR package has been expertly designed with the input of industry professionals. It represents the pinnacle of welding helmet technology. This package combines the advanced technology of the latest Sentinel welding helmet with the respiratory protection of the EPR-X1 PAPR unit. This makes it the top choice for professionals.
This Package contains :-
ESAB A60 Sentinel prepared for air helmet
Supplied with helmet back, 4 outer lenses, 2 inner lenses, bandana
Supplied with blower unit, waist belt, air hose, battery,charger 

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The Helmet With Enhanced Viewing for Precision Welding:

The Sentinel A60 helmet boasts a 40% larger viewing area compared to its predecessor, the A50. The greatly enlarged viewing area gives unmatched spatial awareness without added bulk and only a 4g increase in weight. ESAB technologists have finally achieved superior 1:1:1:1 optical clarity. This gives welders a distortion-free view from any angle, enhancing the precision of each weld.

Optimal Shade and True Colour Vision:

The upgraded auto-darkening filter (ADF) in the Sentinel A60 incorporates ESAB's OpTCS™ technology, offering superior True Colour visibility and minimising eye strain. Navigating the near perfect lens shade is now effortless with the Sentinel A60's half-point increments. 
The range of shades covers 5 to 13. You can now see the weld pool and the position of the heat affected zones with more clarity than ever before. The 4 arc sensors are even faster in response to the arc, protecting your eyes even earlier.
The auto darkening filter (ADF) controls and arc sensors have been improved as well. The internal display now has a brighter 2 colour LED screen that is much better in low light situations. A new graphical display meter indicates sensor sensitivity and your chosen delay settings.
The push button controls have been spaced out more ergonomically to work with gloved hands. The filter now has 9 programmable ADF settings for your regular welding profiles. ESAB have also added a Shade Lock function that allows the welder to override the ADF setting and keep the helmet lens dark.
 The ADF unit has a replaceable battery with solar cell backup. It also has internal warning lights that indicate grind mode, battery state and whether Shade Lock is active.
These features, coupled with a passive shade of 3 for grinding, ensures the perfect balance of protection and visibility. The conveniently located external grind mode button enables rapid mode switching as your job progresses. The enhanced true colour view reduces eye fatigue, keeping the weld puddle clearly in focus. 

Unparalleled Comfort and Fit:

The helmet improves on the revolutionary shell design of the Sentinel A50 and retains the fully adjustable Halo headgear. The most popular benefit of the Halo headgear is the vast range of adjustment available.
It means that the welder can tailor the fit of the Sentinel A60 helmet for all-day comfort. The ergonomic design and quick-change lens cover make it easy to adapt to any welding situation. (Note: the 
ESAB EPR-X1 PAPR Unit: Lightweight, Comfortable and Powerful:
The ESAB Sentinel A60 Air welding helmet package comes with ESAB's perfectly matched powered air purifying respirator, the EPR-X1. This is among the lightest and most ergonomic PAPR units available. It filters out 99.8% of harmful fumes and particulates, providing the highest certification for filtration.
The EPR-X1 PAPR unit has an intuitive display built in. This shows filter status, battery life, and 3 adjustable airflow settings, ranging from 170 to 230 litres per minute.

Flexible and User-Friendly Design:

This respirator and welding helmet package features a uniquely flexible hose. The hose stretches up to a metre in length. Finally we have a PAPR hose that accommodates welders of any height. 
The hose extends easily, without strain on the helmet for taller welders. For shorter welders, it retracts comfortably, without sagging or the need for additional accessories. This new design is  similar to a backpack instead of waist belt. This ensures a comfortable fit, reducing fatigue and backache commonly associated with traditional PAPR units.
Protect Your Health:
With the ESAB Sentinel A60 welding helmet with a respirator, you are not only protecting your eyes and skin but also taking a significant step in protecting your lungs from harmful welding fumes. The ESAB Sentinel A60 EPR-X1 PAPR package is a testament to our commitment to your health and safety.

Buy the Best From Weldtech

The Sentinel A60 welding helmet with built-in respirator and the EPR-X1 PAPR unit offers a complete solution for the modern welder. It combines cutting-edge optical technology with unparalleled respiratory protection, making it the ultimate choice for welding professionals who demand the best.

Sentinel A60 is Suitable For These Welding Processes

Welding, GMAW (MIG/MAG)
Welding, GTAW (TIG)
Welding, PAW -Plasma Arc Welding
Welding, SMAW/MMA (Stick)
Oxy Fuel Cutting
Plasma Cutting

SENTINEL A60 AIR Specifications (From ESAB)

Viewing Area
118 x 71mm
Active Lens Shade
DIN 5–13 (Adjustable in 0.5 DIN increments)
Passive Lens Shade
Power Supply
2 X CR2450 batteries, replaceable
Arc Sensors
Switch Time (Light to Dark)
1/25,000 second
Switch Time (Dark to Light)
Digitally adjustable from 0.1 to 0.9 second
CE Optical Classification
Standards and Certifications*
CE: EN175; EN379; EN166 | ANSI: Z87.1 | CSA: Z94.3 |
AS/NZS 1338.1 | ISO 16321 +TIG | EN 12941 TH3 (with EPRX1 PAPR)

* Certified only for use with EPR-X1 (0700000900) and ESAB PAPR (0700002300; 0700002301) PAPR systems .

Accessory and Spares  Information

Part Number
Sentinel A60 AIR Helmet 
EPR-X1 PAPR system 
Delivery includes: 
Full helmet assembly, 2 replacement inner lenses, 4 replacement outer lenses, carry bag, durag and safety manual.

Spare Parts

1.  Sentinel A60 Front Cover Lens – Clear 
1.  Sentinel A60 Front Cover Lens – Amber 
1.  Sentinel A60 Front Cover Lens - Clear HC* 
1.  Sentinel A60 Front Cover Lens – Amber HC* 
2.  Sentinel A60 Air Helmet Shell 
3.  CR2450 Coin Batteries 
(2) Available separately
4.  Sentinel A60 Auto Darkening Filter ADF (excl. batteries) 
5.  Sentinel A60 Inside Cover Lens 
6.  Magnifier Lens Frame
Provided with each magnifier lens
7.  Sentinel A60 Air Halo Headgear 
8.  Sentinel A60 Face Seal 
Sentinel A60 Front Sweat Band 
Sentinel A60 Magnifying Lens +1.0 diopter ** 
Sentinel A60 Magnifying Lens +1.5 diopter ** 
Sentinel A60 Magnifying Lens +2.0 diopter ** 
Sentinel A60 Magnifying Lens +2.5 diopter ** 
9 Sentinel A60 Air Mesh Air Diffusor 

* HC Lenses include an anti-scratch hard coat for longer life.
** Magnifying Lenses are optional accessories not included with the complete helmet. The magnifier bracket is included with these lenses.

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