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ESAB Sentinel A60 Welding helmet

ESAB Sentinel A60 Welding helmet
ESAB Sentinel A60 Welding helmet

ESAB Sentinel A60: Enhanced True Colour ADF Welding Helmet

The latest Sentinel welding helmet from ESAB has a wider, more panoramic viewing area than its predecessors. It's achieved with a 118 x 71mm (4.65 x 2.80 in) view port. The ESAB Sentinel A60 ADF welding helmet gives you a clear and unobstructed view of your workspace. Get ready to improve the quality, speed, and efficiency of your all your welding jobs.

This helmet replaces the Sentinel A50 (0700 000 800) standard welding helmet

True Colour and Unbeatable Clarity For Welders

Improvements in materials have allowed ESAB to produce a welding helmet with near-perfect 1/1/1/1 EN optical clarity. The auto-darkening filter (ADF) has been completely re-engineered. It now features ESAB OpTCS broad-spectrum light control technology. This delivers a genuinely True Colour view of the workpiece.

The signature large, high-contrast outer lens is available in clear or amber versions. As a professional welder you will benefit most from reduced eye fatigue. This makes the Sentinel A60 an ideal choice for even the most demanding welding jobs and environments. 

The Sentinel A60 welding helmet features shade adjustments which can be altered in half steps. This provides more precise control over your view of the weld pool. It's also fitted with four hyper-fast acting arc-detection sensors. This gives the helmet much more reliable automatic light recognition in even the most awkward work environment.

The Sentinel A60's ADF control interface is more intuitive than previous designs. The internally mounted unit includes controls for sensitivity and delay settings. There is now an on-board memory for up to 9 personal settings. This feature allows you to save and access welding profiles quickly.

Halo Headgear and Lighter Weight For Whole Shift Comfort

The signature shell design of the Sentinel range, with the rounded, low-profile shell offers better clearance in tight areas. With the fully adjustable HALO™ headgear the hallmarks of the ESAB Sentinel A60 ADF welding helmet continue ESAB's industry leading innovations. The Sentinel A60 provides professional welders with the most comfortable and highest performance helmet ESAB has ever produced.
The ergonomics of this new, top of the range design are a step change above it's older sibling the A50. There's a new shade-lock feature to override the ADF control unit and keep the hood in the darkest state. There are internal indicator lights which keep you in touch with grind mode, low battery, and ADF shade-lock activation statuses. The external grind mode button completes the round up of benefits, with its easy activation by clumsy gloved fingers.
The ESAB Sentinel A60 ADF welding helmet is the ultimate welding helmet. It offers exceptional clarity, control, and comfort for professional welders. Upgrade to the ESAB Sentinel A60 ADF welding helmet today for improved vision, comfort, and weld control.
And as if that wasn't enough to entice the discerning professional. The redesigned Sentinel welding helmet is flexible and capable enough to be the go to helmet. It works well in all of the following welding processes.
Welding: MIG/MAG, TIG, PAW (Plasma Arc Welding), MMA (stick welding)
Cutting: Oxy Fuel and plasma cutting
Grinding: (with its well liked external grind button)

ESAB Sentinel A60 ADF  Specifications

Auto Darkening Filter (ADF) viewing area:
118 x 71 mm (4.65 x 2.80 in.)
Intuitive internal ADF controls:
includes sensitivity and delay settings
Shade range:
DIN 3/5–13, adjustable in 0.5 step increments
shade lock setting 
Gives genuine True Color Lens Technology clarity
ADF memory:
up to 9 settings
Welding Arc sensors:
There are 4 rapid response sensors
Sensor switching time:
A very fast of 0.08 millisecond
ADF control unit battery:
Replaceable CR2450 
Internal Indicator LEDs:
Low battery, grind mode and shade lock




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