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ESAB Warrior Tech Welding Helmet - Black

ESAB Warrior Tech Welding Helmet - Black
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ESAB Warrior Tech Welding Helmet - Black

The Warrior Tech helmet is now obsolete and has now been replaced with the Savage A40 helmet (0700000490)

ESAB Warrior Tech Welding Helmet

This helmet comes complete with two FREE outer lenses 

The ESAB Warrior Tech auto darkening welding helmet is a versatile and comfortable item of PPE, designed to be used in a variety of different welding situations. The Warrior Tech is great for welding professionals, maintenance technicians, construction workers and the occasional hobby welder. The ESAB warrior is a high tech, lightweight solution to most welders' needs.

ESAB Warrior Tech: Benefits

The tough, lightweight shell protects the user from from the heat of the welding job, sparks jumping from the welding arc and the spattering of molten metal.  The light weight of the helmet, only 520g (just over a pound) makes for a comfortable day's welding. 

This ESAB model gives the welder a larger viewing area than most economy models. The wider field of vision through the 98mm x 48mm welding lens allows better spatial awareness for those awkwardly placed welding jobs.

The auto darkening ADF welding lens on Warrior Tech helmets lets the user see the welding job with greater clarity. Using some of the highest optical quality, ADF technology results in the welder having excellent control of visibility, a better than average field of view and a range of options when moving from job to job. 

Multiple arc sensors and an internally adjustable sensitivity control mean the first glow of the arc or gas flame is picked up reliably, even when welding a low power GTAW job with its significantly dimmer glow.

The user of the Warrior Tech welding helmet is able to set the time delay before the LEDs lighten in the ADF lens.  Shorter delays for tack welding, each time the welding arc stops, allows for the best job visibility, a more efficient workflow, and optimum protection whether tack welding. A longer delay can be programmed if high current welding is being carried out, maximising the welder's eye protection.

The LEDs in the auto darkening front lens are powered by the welding arc itself and backed up by a permanently fitted battery pack so there's no worry about needing a battery change in the Warrior Tech helmet.

Welding Application Suitability

  • The ESAB Warrior tech welding helmet is suitable for the following range of welding applications:
  • Oxy-Fuel Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Grinding
  • Welding, GMAW (MIG/MAG)
  • Welding, GTAW (TIG)
  • Welding, PAW - Plasma Arc Welding
  • Welding, SMAW/MMA (Stick)

ESAB Welding Helmet: Warrior Tech Specifications

Weight: 1.2kg

Optical Class: 1/2/1/2.

Viewing Area: 98 x 48 mm (3.85 x 1.88 in.)

Adjustable Shade: DIN 9-13, compatible with EN12941. 

Adjustments: ADF Delay and sensitivity can be adjusted from the inside the helmet.

Sensors: Four arc sensors for higher response and wider coverage.

Shipping Weight: 1.2kg

Unboxed Product Weight: 0.52kg

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